Enjoy Years Of Healthy Smiles With Oral Surgery in Johnson City, NY

Oral surgery from our Johnson City, NY dentist office always helps, and is provided in a way that never hurts. Though Dr. Jerry Farrell will always look for a more conservative option to improve your smile, sometimes oral surgery is the best way to improve the health of your mouth and body overall.

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Many patients are afraid of encountering discomfort at the dentist office. Some of these patients are also coping with daily dental pain that only becomes worse without dental care. If you’re dealing with dental discomfort, it’s time to speak with Dr. Jerry Farrell.

Your consultation with Dr. Farrell at our relaxed Johnson City, NY dentist office will result in a pain-free smile that you don’t have to fret over every day. Call us at 607-304-3993 to make an appointment today.

We Provide Multiple Options So You Receive The Finest Smile

Your comfort will always come first. Even during your initial exams, you will feel no discomfort while Dr. Farrell checks out your smile to determine which of our of oral surgery services can help.

If you’re nervous during any visit or procedure, we offer safe dental sedation to help you relax while remaining awake to ask us questions or request anything you need.

Once you’re completely comfortable and resting easy in our chair, Dr. Farrell can provide:

  • Tooth extractions to rid your smile of damaged or problem-causing teeth that can’t be saved, whether they’ve been harmed by decay or injuries
  • Wisdom teeth removal to protect your smile from the pain and dental issues wisdom teeth can cause
  • Bone grafts to strengthen the bone in your jaw, which will allow you to receive dental implants
  • Ridge augmentation to also help you receive dental implants, preserve bone mass in your jaw, and correct appearance issues with your jawline
  • Gum grafts to correct any damage caused by gum recession and provide a more natural-looking gumline

After receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1982, Dr. Jerry Farrell went on to start a private practice of his own in Johnson City, NY. Over time, he has had many achievements like the fellowship, International College of Craniomandibular Orthopaedics (ICCMO), certification in Invisalign orthodontic treatment, and more.

Call 607-304-3993 today to make an appointment with Dr. Jerry Farrell and discuss your options. You can also ask our friendly staff any questions or schedule your consultation using our online form. Loving your beautiful and healthy smile is definitely worth it.

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