Improve Your Health And Confidence With Orthodontics in Johnson City, NY

The office of Dr. Jerry Farrell provides orthodontics for a number of reasons. If you’re hiding your smile due to crooked or misaligned teeth, you’re only wasting energy and missing out on great photo opportunities with your loved ones. Dr. Farrell has over 30 years of experience providing orthodontics, and he is here to help you love your look while improving your oral health.

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Allow Orthodontics to Change Your Life

Here’s how Dr. Farrell helps:

  • Digital X-rays will be taken to provide Dr. Farrell with a crystal-clear image of your mouth
  • Any problematic teeth that may hinder your smile’s progress or health will be gently removed
  • Your brackets will be put in place and monitored by Dr. Farrell over time to make sure your smile is straightening as it should

Dr. Farrell also provides:

  • Clear ceramic brackets, which reduce the visibility of your braces while functioning the same as metal brackets.
  • Space maintainers to ensure your child’s permanent teeth can naturally fill in their smile if they have prematurely lost a primary tooth.
  • Dentofacial orthodontics to make necessary adjustments to your or your child’s smile so it is properly aligned. This treatment can also prevent your children from requiring braces later on.

If you have gaps in your smile, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or misshapen teeth, you’re likely dealing with more issues than just embarrassment. Food can become stuck in between teeth that are spaced out or aren’t aligned with the rest of your smile. This is typically how issues such as tooth decay and gum disease come about.

To prevent you from dealing with dental pain or risk losing a tooth due to these issues, Dr. Farrell offers orthodontics to ensure your smile looks great and you enjoy overall health.

Invisalign: Your Alternative To Traditional Braces

Invisalign orthodontics:

  • Work faster than traditional braces
  • Prevent you or your teenager from feeling self-conscious at work or school
  • Can be removed while eating and for easy cleaning

Dr. Jerry Farrell offers Invisalign orthodontics as a way to help more patients get the care they desire. Traditional brackets improve your smile and overall health, but they aren’t best for everyone. Invisalign clear and removable aligners gently move your teeth into place without anyone noticing that you’re wearing them.

After receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1982, Dr. Jerry Farrell went on to start a private practice of his own. Over time, he has had many achievements like the fellowship, International College of Craniomandibular Orthopaedics (ICCMO), certification in Invisalign orthodontic treatment, and more.

Call our Johnson City, NY office at 607-304-3993 to speak with Dr. Jerry Farrell about your orthodontic options, or book your visit using our online form. He’ll provide the best solutions for your or your family’s members smiles.

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Video: Dr. Jerry Farrell Talks About Invisalign and Orthodontics

One of the greatest tool in orthodontics these days is the Invisalign. With invisalign, it gently move your teeth into place without anyone noticing that you’re wearing them. Learn more about Invisalign and Orthodontics - Call 607-304-3993 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jerry Farrell today or use our easy online form to book a visit. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and we are ready to provide you with excellent dental care. Follow Dr. Jerry Farrell on: Facebook - Instagram -