Let Us End Your Dental Pain In Johnson City

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency or severe dental pain in Johnson City, call 607-304-3993 so Dr. Jerry Farrell can assist you right away. Dr. Farrell and our staff will immediately relieve your pain, discover what’s causing it, and offer recommendations to help your smile return to normal.

We’ll offer urgent dental care by:

  • Numbing your mouth and/or providing safe dental sedation so you can fully relax
  • Taking painless, detailed digital X-rays of your mouth to see what’s causing the problem
  • Recommending and swiftly providing the best treatment for you

Stop Your Toothache With A Root Canal

If you’re suffering from a severe toothache, you may require a root canal. Root canals are used to remove damaged pulp inside your tooth, which can cause debilitating dental pain. Though root canals seem intimidating, they improve your smile’s health and your daily life. Dr. Farrell will ensure your comfort during the procedure.

If your tooth is aching due to extensive tooth decay, Dr. Farrell will either:

Should you need to have a tooth removed, we will go over your tooth replacement options to complete your smile.

We Can Save Lost Teeth, Too

Accidents happen, especially for active kiddos. If you or a family member have lost a tooth due to an injury, come see us right away. If you can, collect the tooth and put it in a container filled with milk or saliva. This will help save the tooth’s roots and may allow Dr. Farrell to gently place it back into your mouth or your loved one’s mouth. If the tooth cannot be saved, Dr. Farrell offers restorative dentistry options to replace missing teeth and ensure a healthy, fully functioning smile.

Call 607-304-3993 today to schedule a visit to our office and end your dental pain in Johnson City. We’re ready to provide your pain-free smile ASAP!