You Can Defeat Your Dental Anxiety

Later this month, you will see kids (and some adults) dressed in costumes. Some will choose their favorite movie and television characters. Others will dress as something meant to be scary — vampires, werewolves, and other monsters. But the scariest thing for many people isn't a fictional creature. They are real people. They are ...

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Renew Your Smile With Restorative Dentistry

It's nice having a nice smile. It's also nice being able to eat the foods that you want to eat whenever you want to eat them. For better or worse, life can take a toll on your teeth. That can affect your smile as well as your ability to bite and chew. Thanks to restorative dentistry, you can revive your smile and rebuild your bite at the ...

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Get Ready For School At Our Family Dentistry

It won’t be long before school bells are signaling the start of the new academic year. When your children show up for classes, you want them to have a backpack full of supplies and a willingness to learn. If they can show up with a healthy smile, that can help. It may not seem related to success in school at first, but good oral health can ...

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Is Teeth Grinding Hurting Your Daily Life? (quiz)

Your headaches aren’t going to go away on their own if you have a TMJ disorder. You also may be dealing with jaw pains and stiffness in the joints that let you open and close your mouth. That can lead to lots of pain throughout your daily activities. Dr. Jerry Farrell in Johnson City, NY does not want you to suffer. He wants to help alleviate ...

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Start Orthodontic Care This Summer

The summer is a nice break for kids. We remember looking forward to having a few months without school. It’s a time to enjoy fun in the sun and time with friends. It’s also a good time to begin orthodontic treatment. Starting this process before classes resume can make it easier for your son or daughter when the new school year ...

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Let Your Healthy Smiles Shine This Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. When it arrives, you’ll want to enjoy the longer daylight each day to do fun things with your family and friends. You don’t want to stop everything to deal with a dental emergency. While the team at our Johnson City, NY dental office is more than able to help in those situations. We would rather do ...

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Be Aware Of Oral Cancer (infographic)

It may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about going to the dentist. Yet, it could be one of the most important reasons to get regular dental cleanings and exams. In addition to cleaning your teeth and checking for decay and gum disease, we also conduct oral cancer screenings at our Johnson City, NY dental office. ...

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Make Time For A Spring Dental Cleaning, Exam

It’s time to start cleaning up! The official start of Spring is just around the corner. (We just hope it’s warm when that day arrives.) Spring is a time of renewal. For many people, it’s an opportunity to take on new projects or to get things back in order. Spring cleaning can set the stage for a productive and healthy remainder of the ...

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Make Time To Stop, Fight Periodontal Problems

Statistics say that you are likely to develop gum disease one day ... if you don’t have it already. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that almost half of all Americans 30 and older have some form of advanced gum disease. Our own Dr. Jerry Ferrell has pointed out that gum disease is the most prevalent disease affecting humanity. ...

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Give Yourself A Smile Makeover in 2019

New Year’s are always a time for new beginnings. Many people make resolutions with the intention of improving their health. It’s the reason people start new diets, join gyms, and even change their clothes or hairstyles. It’s also a reason you may want to consider a smile makeover in 2019. Cosmetic dentistry can be beneficial for your ...

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