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Dr. Farrell builds a personal connection with his patients. We provide personal care in a way that’s comfortable for each person in your family. By listening to you and getting to know you, we can provide better dental service.

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No one wants cavities, gum disease, or other oral health issues. With our preventive care, we can reduce your risk of those problems and teach your family tips for better care at home. If you do have decay or other issues, we can help with that, too.

Dr. Jerry Farrell

Dr. Jerry Farrell

Dr. Farrell is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has more than 35 years of experience helping patients maintain, improve, and restore their smiles. Over his career, he has completed countless hours of continuing education in all aspects of general dentistry.

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Keep Your Family Smiling

A consistent oral hygiene routine is one of the best ways you and your loved ones can keep your mouths healthy. By following the American Dental Association recommendations, you can prevent many problems before they start. That means brushing and flossing daily and making regular visits to a family dentist, like Dr. Farrell.

We do some important things when you come in for a professional cleaning and exam. To reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum infections, we remove plaque and tartar buildup. Then, we polish your teeth so your smiles look their best.

Preventing problems is plan A, but if — like most people — you or someone you love does have a cavity or periodontal disease, we are ready to treat it. During your exams, we’ll be watching for any signs of trouble. By fixing problems as early as possible, you can save money and your smiles.

If anyone in your family struggles with dental anxiety, we offer dental sedation along with comfort options to help them remain pain-free and relaxed. Sedation also allows us to perform oral surgery (such as wisdom teeth extractions).

We also know that accidents happen. We hope you never have a dental emergency, but our team is prepared for those situations as well. If someone you know suffers a broken or knocked out tooth or is complaining of a toothache, then call us as soon as you can. We want to stop the pain. Then we can discuss ways to restore their smiles.

As you and your kids get older, your oral care needs will change. We offer orthodontics to straighten your teen’s teeth. You also can get restorative care and cosmetic treatments if you want to rebuild or improve your own smile.

Keep your beautiful smile for years to come. Plan to visit our dentist in Owego. Call 607-304-3993 to make your next appointment at Dr. Farrell’s office.

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