Even though Dr. Farrell has been practicing dentistry since 1982, he continues his education to make sure you and your family are receiving the most comfortable and helpful dental care.

That’s why we’ve created our blog – to share in-depth details regarding what Dr. Farrell offers and continues to discover in the world of dentistry.

Any time a dental innovation is proven to be beneficial for you or your family members, you’ll be able to learn about it here. You’ll also find additional info about certain services we provide, including:

  • Clear Invisalign orthodontics, which Dr. Farrell offers to comfortably straighten your smile without anyone noticing
  • Other cosmetic dentistry solutions such as dental veneers, tooth bonding, teeth whitening, and more
  • Emergency dentistry to assist your family’s smiles in the event of an accident or if any of you are dealing with severe dental discomfort
  • Restorative dentistry if you require a damaged tooth to be repaired or are missing teeth
  • Safe dental sedation so you can feel completely at ease during any treatment

Improving Your Smile With The Latest Technology

Dr. Farrell ensures you’re receiving the most effective treatment by using:

  • Digital X-rays, which are much safer than traditional X-rays and allow Dr. Farrell to prevent any dental issues that could cause problems later
  • Digital imaging so Dr. Farrell can create a preview of what your smile would look like after receiving Invisalign treatment
  • An in-house porcelain lab, which allows Dr. Farrell to create customized dental veneers and crowns to protect your teeth and enhance their appearance
  • Comfortable oral surgery techniques to repair your smile if you need gums to be reshaped or teeth to be removed

Check back here to see what dental techniques we’re discovering to help your smile! If you’re ready to make an appointment, call 607-304-3993 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Farrell or use our easy online form to book your visit. Our online form is also an easy way to ask us any questions before your visit!