The summer is a nice break for kids. We remember looking forward to having a few months without school. It’s a time to enjoy fun in the sun and time with friends.

It’s also a good time to begin orthodontic treatment. Starting this process before classes resume can make it easier for your son or daughter when the new school year begins.

Dr. Jerry Farrell offers both traditional orthodontics and modern aligners to help our patients in and around Johnson City, NY create straighter, healthier smiles.

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The Benefits Of Straight Teeth

Every year millions of American start orthodontic care. The most obvious reason is to improve the appearance of your smile.

We know from observing our parents that having nice teeth can improve a person’s confidence. Many people (teens and adults) who felt self-conscious about their smiles now hold their heads up high since having their teeth straightened.

Fair or not, having a nice smile also affects how other people perceive you as well. Surveys have shown that people with nice, straight teeth are generally considered to be friendlier, more intelligent, more successful, and more trustworthy.

We also should mention that straightening teeth is good for oral health as well. When your teeth are lined up well and evenly spaced, they are easier to brush and floss, so you can do a better job removing bacteria, plaque, and food particles. Correcting bite issues (such as overbites and underbites) also can save your teeth from unnecessary wear and tear.

Ways To Straighten Your Smile

By coming to Dr. Farrell’s office, you or your loved ones will have multiple options for adjusting the position of your teeth. Together we can find the right one for your needs. Here are the orthodontic treatments that we offer:

  • Metal braces — This is a tried-and-true technique for correcting practically any alignment problem that you may have. Metal brackets can be attached to teeth. The archwire runs between them. They work together to move teeth in stages so your child can make a lasting change to their smile.
  • Ceramic braces — These are similar to metal braces in terms of how they function and what they can do. The primary difference is that the brackets themselves are clear, so they are more discreet when placed on someone’s teeth.
  • Invisalign — For our most discreet option, you should learn about Invisalign clear aligners. Rather than used brackets and wires to move teeth, your child could receive a series of custom-made aligners. Since these are clear, they are practically invisible when placed over someone’s teeth.

Other Services

Sometimes orthodontic care is easier if some additional work is done in preparation of that treatment.

Before a child is ready for orthodontic care, we can use digital X-rays to identify potential problems while they still have primary teeth. Dentofacial orthopedics can guide the growth of their mouth and jaw to make room for their permanent teeth to erupt. For children who lose primary teeth before their permanent teeth are ready to erupt, space maintainers can preserve the opening for that tooth to come in correctly.

For patients who have excessive crowding, tooth extractions can make orthodontic treatment simpler and shorter. We also can do this type of oral surgery at our practice in Johnson City.

Get Started On A New Smile

If you have a child who could benefit from orthodontic care, make plans to visit Dr. Farrell’s office soon. Call 607-304-3993 or contact us online to request a consultation to get started on a healthier smile.