If you’re missing a tooth (or several teeth) and are exploring your options for tooth replacement, you know dental implants are a popular and effective choice. But you may not know there are actually two types – full size implants and dental mini implants. 

As the name suggests, mini implants are simply a smaller version of the traditional dental implant. The main difference is size – minis are about half the diameter of regular implants. They are also shorter, with one piece instead of two pieces like full implants.

Both kinds of implants have pros and cons. The best way to find out which is right for you is visiting Dr. Jerry Farrell for a consultation.

Take advantage of our a free smile evaluation with digital X-rays. Dr. Farrell will examine you and create a treatment plan for you. It’s a $250 value. Call us today at 607-304-3993 to schedule your appointment in Johnson City, NY.

In the meantime, we’ve highlighted some of the key differences between mini implants and full-size ones for you here.

  • Treatment Time – Mini implants can be placed in just one visit, while full implants usually require two visits spaced months apart for healing and osseointegration (the process during which implants fuse with your bone).
  • Recovery Time – Placement of mini implants is less invasive, which reduces discomfort and results in a faster recovery time. 
  • Suitability for Certain Situations – We may recommend mini implants if you have minimal space between teeth or lack enough bone density to support full-size implants.
  • Affordability – Mini implants are usually more affordable than regular implants. That adds up if you need multiple implants! They can also provide a temporary replacement while you save up for something more permanent.
  • Durability – Mini dental implants may not be as durable over many years. Full-size implants still tend to have a longer lifespan. Dr. Farrell will analyze your specific case and determine which implant option is best for you. In general, full implants are better for replacing teeth you use for heavy chewing.

Both kinds of implants can provide natural-looking, functional tooth replacements. The mini version offers faster treatment and lower cost, while full size is the gold standard for lifelong durability. You and Dr. Farrell will consider several factors, including the health of your jawbone, the location of your missing tooth or teeth, and your budget.

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