Young athletes are already gearing up for spring training. Our team at Dr. Jerry Farrell wants to make sure your child’s mouth is protect from injury with a custom athletic mouthguard in our Johnson City, NY dental office.

Sports Are Risky For Your Smile

Sports are really fun, but they’re not without risk.

Contact sports especially put your smile in harm’s way. You could get hit the face by an elbow, a ball, or a puck.

You could trip, fall, and slam your face against the ice or the hard floor of a basketball court.

You can’t always keep these kinds of things from happening, but you can reduce the chances they will affect your teeth and gums.

Athletic Mouthguards Minimize The Risk To Your Smile

By wearing an athletic mouthguard, you minimize the risk for damage to your smile. Here are some of the most common benefits of trusting a dentist with your mouthguard.

*Professionally-Made Athletic Mouthguards Are Safer & More Comfortable*

For the same reason you wouldn’t wear shoes, knee pads, or a helmet that doesn’t fit properly, you wouldn’t want a mouthguard that didn’t fit well.

Not only does it take your focus off the game, but it doesn’t protect your teeth, gums, and jaw properly. It can slide around and fail to protect the very spot that’s hit during a game.

An athletic mouthguard from Dr. Jerry Farrell will feel comfortable and fit you for optimum protection against injury.

*Custom Mouthguards Allow You To Breathe More Easily*

A store-bought guard isn’t made to fit your mouth specifically. This will not only distract you on the field, but it could hinder breathing. During high-intensity play or exercise, comfortable breathing isn’t something you want to stand in the way of!

That’s why you need to let Dr. Farrell fit your family’s athletes with a customized athletic mouthguard.

*Mouthguards From A Dentist Save You Money In The Long Run*

You could take the cheaper route and buy a boil and bite mouthguard at your neighborhood sporting goods store. Or the super cheap route and not use a mouthguard at all!

But that will only create expensive problems down the road.

Mass-produced guards won’t fit properly or comfortably, so you don’t get the protection you need. This could lead to oral injuries that may require complicated dental treatment, such as dental crowns or implants to repair or replace a tooth.
That’s way more expensive than a customized mouthguard from the dentist.

*Athletes Will Wear A Mouthguard That Fits Well*

Any parent knows how hard it is to get a child to wear something they don’t like. Even if your child insisted they loved that shirt at the store, you hear a different tune at home.

They say it’s uncomfortable, which is a popular excuse.

It’s the same thing they might complain about when it comes to that mouthguard you purchased at the sporting goods store.

But in that case, we’d have to agree. Only Dr. Farrell can custom-fit your child’s mouthguard so that it’s comfortable. That way you won’t have to deal with the war of wills before every practice or game. Your child will be more likely to wear it because it will fit comfortably.

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Dr. Farrell has years of experience making custom athletic mouthguards for patients involved in organized sports. It’s an affordable, effective way to keep your mouth protected against injury.

A mouthguard that’s perfectly designed to fit you can help you stay comfortable, focused on the game, and safe from harm.

Get your mouthguard now before the season kicks into gear! Call our Johnson City, NY dental office today at 607-304-3993 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.