When Dr. Farrell was younger, he wanted to work in a profession that let him to live a meaningful life. As a dentist, he is doing that by meeting human needs.

Everyone has needs — to feel safe, to feel cared for, and to feel understood. Dr. Farrell wants every one of our patients at our office in Johnson City, NY to feel that way … and he and our office manager, Nancy, recently expanded that approach while participating in a mission trip to Chile.

Every day, we get to see firsthand the kind of difference our dental services — from cleanings to restorative and cosmetic care — can and do make in the lives of our patients.

It’s hard to explain how that makes us feel, but our patients motivate and inspire us to keep doing our best every day. Call 607-304-3993 to learn more about us and our approach to dental care in Johnson City or wherever we may be.

Smiles Without Borders

Everyone deserves to have a happy and healthy smile. For us, that starts with families and individuals in and around Johnson City, but it also includes families and individuals around the world.

Dr. Farrell and Nancy recently took that care and concern for oral health to South America. They were part of an 18-person team including dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants who participated in a 10-day mission trip in Chile.

During those 10 days, Dr. Farrell, Nancy, and the rest of the mission team provided free dental care to more than 300 patients in two locations.

Their first stop was in Puerto Montt, a port city in southern Chile. La Vina, a small church, served as the site of their dental clinic, where they provided free dental care.

The mission group then traveled to Chiloé Island, Chile’s largest island. There, they set up a dental clinic in a small trailer.

For Dr. Farrell and Nancy, this was a deeply rewarding experience, both on a personal and a spiritual level. They are already looking forward to returning next year.

“They are the kindest, sweetest people I have met,“ Dr. Farrell said.

Continuing Outreach

The mission work in Chile is just the beginning of the outreach our team at Dr. Farrell’s office will be doing in the near future. Dr. Farrell is in the process of acquiring five military-grade mobile operatories. His intent is to prepare them to become roaming dental clinics, serving the needy and the less fortunate in our community and internationally.

Our team has been blessed in many ways, and we want to use our gifts to help where we can.

When you come for a dental cleaning for yourself or your family, you aren’t just helping yourself. You’re helping us help people who may not be able to afford basic, preventive dental care.

As we have seen firsthand, this can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

If you would like to learn more or you would like to know how you can support Smiles Without Borders and our local outreach efforts, please call 607-304-3993 or contact us online.