Your missing teeth isn’t something you wanted. It’s not something you asked for. And it’s definitely not the way you envisioned your smile would look.

But the problem with missing teeth goes far beyond appearances.

Tooth loss affects your nutrition, your self-esteem, your relationships, and your health.

Our team at Dr. Jerry Farrell has the stroke of luck your smile has needed thanks to our dental implants!

Keep reading to find out more about this leader in modern tooth replacement and all the ways it can spell good fortune for your smile in our Johnson City, NY dental office!

Dental Implants Lead In Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement is nothing new. In fact, ancient methods have been discovered that suggest seashells were combined with hard minerals to serve as replacement teeth!

Fortunately, times have changed for the better in modern science!

Advances in technology have brought dental implants to the forefront as the leading tooth replacement method today. Here’s why:

*Implants look just like natural teeth!

*Implants are an artificial root for your tooth.

*Implants don’t necessarily have to be replaced if the top restoration comes out.

All of this allows you to resume the life you knew before you lost one or more teeth because of the unmatched strength and durability of dental implants.

A Stroke Of Luck

All because of the curiosity of one scientists, tooth loss sufferers can now choose dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Using a titanium rod, the scientist discovered that this type of metal did something different than others when it actually fused with the leg bone in which it was implanted.

Although it was unintended, this stroke of luck sparked more research, and ultimate use, of titanium for all sorts of advanced medical implant methods, including dental implants!

With Dental Implants, You’re The Lucky One!

You’re the one who benefits from dental implants as a tooth replacement. Here are a few reasons for that!

*Better Bone Health*

Every time you bite down, you’re putting pressure on your teeth. But that’s not a bad thing.

In fact, it’s that pressure that gives your jawbone the stimulation it needs to remain strong.

That’s one of the problems with other tooth replacement methods that rest on top of your gums.

Without a tooth root, natural or synthetic, your jawbone will deteriorate from lack of use.

So one of the ways dental implants differ tremendously from other replacement options is that it acts as a new root for your tooth, which allows you to strengthen your jawbone, keeping it strong and healthy with every bite!

*More Confidence*

If you’re honest with yourself, tooth loss is embarrassing. You may feel confident in some ways, but when it comes to letting people see that you have missing teeth, it can make you feel extremely self-conscious.

This can affect your state of mind, your ability to perform at work, to mingle and interact socially, or to even be around people who know and love you.

Dental implants, probably more than anything else, give you back your confidence by filling up the empty spaces that have kept you from an active, healthy social life.


In most cases, dental restorations last a really long time. That’s good for your bank account, certainly. You would hate having to go back to the dentist every 5 years to replace a filling or a dental crown! It would be costly, as well as inconvenient!

Dental implants can last the rest of your life with the right care.

Dr. Farrell has been placing dental implants for nearly 30 years, and by this point, it’s routine. He has the skills and experience to give you strong, long-lasting solutions!

*Easy Maintenance*

If you’ve worn braces before, you might still have a metal bar attached to the back of your bottom front teeth that requires a special threading tool so you can floss there.

If you’ve worn dentures, you have to take them out each night to clean them and prevent the spread of bacteria.

The fact is, dental work could mean extra work in the long run to you.

As luck would have it, dental implants don’t require any lifestyle changes. You floss between your teeth normally. You brush the same way you always did. You maintain routine dental cleanings and exams in our Johnson City, NY dental office twice a year.

They’re so much like real teeth, care and maintenance is easy!

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If, up until now, you’ve had to deal with all the horrible effects of tooth loss, you’re in luck.

That’s because you know about the many benefits of dental implants and where to find them.

With all the ways you’ve had to adjust your life as a result of poor gum health or missing teeth, it’s about time life threw some good fortune your way!

Today, it came in the form our blog at Dr. Jerry Farrell.

Tomorrow, it might come as a strong, healthy, beautiful smile thanks to dental implants in Johnson City, NY.

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